What’s Trending in Custom Homes for 2018? Whatever YOU Say Is Trending!

Building a luxury home in the Texas Hill Country can be a great experience because that process puts you in control. You get to be the one who decides if a trend fits your personal taste and/or lifestyle.



That being said, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on genuine trends in custom homebuilding. By that, I’m talking about long-range trends that are focused on comfort, convenience, and lifestyle rather than on the latest hot color combinations.


Here are a few things we’re seeing that fit those categories.


  • Green and Sustainable: The move toward more environmentally friendly homes (including the use of sustainable building materials) has obviously become a pretty mainstream value. Homeowners like the idea of building a home that is energy-efficient, comfortable, and has a minimum impact on the environment. This is something we at Boyer Custom Homes have focused on for years. We evaluate the impact the raw materials we use have on the environment, and we invest in educating ourselves on innovative technologies and building practices. That’s why we stay on top of developments in areas such as home battery storage, lighting, and even shade control so that we can help our clients build homes they’ll enjoy for years to come.
  • Lighting: There are some interesting trends in lighting that have caught our eye. It’s not so much the style of light (that’s really your call) but the way the light is generated that’s intriguing. GE is expected to release a new smart LED bulb that can change the color of the light it emits to sync with your body’s circadian rhythm. Designed to sync with your sleep cycle, it will allow you to change from energizing white light during the day to a warmer, more relaxing orange glow in the evening. It’s reported that the new technology uses Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with your smartphone to personalize your color temperature settings. Is that a trend or a fad? We’ll keep an eye on that one to see how it develops.
  • Designed for Living: There definitely seems to be a trend toward efficiency and home designs that are family friendly. Today’s buyers are looking for homes that are designed with more space in central living areas (where it’s really needed). They also seem to be favoring homes that have a natural flow to them. And storage seems to be more important than ever. The trend in storage seems to be toward built-in storagethat takes advantage of what would otherwise be wasted space.
  • Technology: As you might expect, smart-home technology continues to be something that’s extremely popular. Both Amazon and Google are vying for supremacy in the personal home assistant markets with their Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two provided by Forbes magazine.


  • Pools: You’ll notice we included a picture of a home with a pool in this post. And while adding a pool to a luxury home isn’t necessarily a new trend for homeowners in the Hill Country, there are some new trends when it comes to pools themselves. Some homeowners are currently favoring salt-water swimming pools over traditional chlorine-treated pools because they can be easier on the skin. According to a post from Livestrong.com, The Centers for Disease Control says some people find the effects of the direct chlorine introduction less harsh than the added chlorine compounds, such as calcium hypochlorite, commonly available in granular powder or pellets. You can check out their comparison of conventional chlorine treatment versus salt treatment here.


That’s just a smattering of what’s trending in custom homebuilding. But each of these areas points to homes that are designed with the homeowner in mind. It’s less about show and more about choosing the plan and design that lets you feel comfortable in your new home. And while all of these things are definitely trends we’re seeing in the marketplace, you are the one who gets to decide if it is going to be something “trending” in your home!
That’s one reason you want to get your builder and your architect/designer on the same page early in the homebuilding process so that together they can create a home that matches your lifestyle and expectations.


Adapted and updated from the original November 15, 2016, post.

Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash

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