Survey Says: Grandchildren and Garages Are Big Factors for Building Homes in Which to Retire

Builder Online recently reported on a survey (The Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey) that shed some new light on what boomers are looking for when building a home in which to retire. As you might suspect, location plays a significant role when building a new home for those planning to retire.  With all of the things to do in the Texas Hill Country, it’s not surprising that Texas is a top-5 choice for retirement (following Florida, Arizona, and the Carolinas).

One somewhat surprising finding was that close proximity to grandchildren is also a big factor for boomers in deciding where to live. And when it comes to features in the home, those surveyed listed a multi-car garage with storage (presumably to provide enough room for their own “toys” and those of their grandchildren), an open deck or patio (click here for some great patio ideas), an open floor plan, and an eat-in kitchen as their must-have features.

Another interesting piece of information is that close to 40 percent of boomers plan to purchase a home within the next three years. That may be influenced by the fact that this group is retiring earlier than they have in the past.  In 2013 boomers expected to retire at 65 years of age. In 2017 the expectation is 63.7 years of age.

Even though we’re talking about a place people want to retire, we’re obviously looking at a group of people who are still very active. And yet, in building a home for retirement, there are certain features to consider so that you’ll remain comfortable in your new home for years to come. Here’s a helpful post that looks at some of the comfort, security, and safety features you can build into a new home to ensure that it continues to be a place you’ll be comfortable for a long time.

Getting back to the garage . . . the photo you see above is from a Mediterranean Home we built in Cordillera Ranch. As you can see, it allows plenty of room for vehicles (both practical and fun!) with plenty of space left over for toys and equipment for the grandchildren. And there’s plenty of additional storage for seasonal items as well. Click here to take a look at the rest of this beautiful Mediterranean home.

This home also includes other must-have features listed above, such as a patio, an eat-in kitchen, and an open floor plan. But it also includes some additional features such as a pool (which the grandchildren are sure to love). And even if you are contemplating retirement, you probably won’t be sitting on your hands. This home includes a gorgeous and spacious home office that allows you to work in the comfort of your own home if you so desire.

Whether you’re on the cusp of retirement—or simply planning ahead for a place you’ll want to call home for a long time, we invite you to check out some of the homes we’ve built in the Texas Hill Country recently. You’ll find a variety of sizes and unique styles that may give you ideas about what you want for the home you plan to build.

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