Set Your Own Trends in 2018 for Your Hill Country Luxury Home

Building a luxury custom home in the Texas Hill Country can be a great experience because that process puts you in control. You get to be the one who decides if a trend fits your personal taste and/or lifestyle.

Often when you read about “trends” in home building, the focus is on colors and décor. And while those things are important, it’s important to pay attention to the structural design of your home. The decisions that you make about how your home is laid out and built can have a much bigger impact on your enjoyment of your home than the color of your walls (you can always repaint) or even the finish of your appliances or fixtures.

Individuals planning to build a luxury custom home, however, tend to look at things a little differently. Caroline Feeney at summed it up well when she wrote, “Luxury buyers look for anything but cookie-cutter, while convenience, style and recreation opportunities make the top of their wish list. A ranch-style featuring a designer kitchen, blended living space and mixed-metal trimmings — such a house would embody 2017 luxury, so long as it was also decked out in smart home technology.”

That same distinction will carry over into 2018. Luxury homebuyers want to do things their own way. While they don’t necessarily ignore trends, they focus on the trends that truly impact lifestyle. Here are a few trends that luxury homebuyers tend to focus on.

Size and Style

Upper-end homebuyers tend to want homes that are larger. That really hasn’t changed all that much in recent years. What’s interesting, however, is that these homeowners appear to favor single-story homes ranging from 5,800 to 7,000 square feet over the larger multi-story properties that were more popular a few years ago. Some of this may be influenced by the increased popularity of multi-generational homes.

Structural Features

While fewer homeowners are expanding upward with their homes, a lot of them are expanding in another area. One major feature luxury homebuyers appear to cherish is a multiple-car (4-5-6) garage.  Some of this trend is certainly due to these owners having more “toys” (ATVs and the like) that they need to house and keep safe from the elements.

Spacious walk-in closets (with built-in organization and customized lighting) in every bedroom are a trend that has been around for a while that shows no sign of letting up.

A feature that’s become increasingly popular for family rooms, great rooms, and living rooms is to include a “collapsible” window/door that slides into the wall—effectively eliminating the barrier between indoor and outdoor living when you want to do so.

Kitchens in some luxury homes generate the feeling of stepping into the kitchen of a high-end restaurant. But even those homes that are less “gourmet” oriented are still trending toward commercial upgrades, extensive counter space, and large kitchen islands that provide plenty of workspace as well as room for casual dining.

Home Automation Finally Becomes Smart

According to, 2018 may be the year that smart home automation really earns its name as “smart.” Smart home technology has been around for a while, but it’s finally becoming more sophisticated and connected. Instead of a lot of stand-alone items there seems to be a move to more integrated—particularly for security and whole-home applications. Here’s a recent post that can help you evaluate smart technology for your luxury home so that you’re installing things of value rather than just purchasing gadgets.

Incorporating any of these trends requires some advanced thinking and planning to ensure that everything works together to make your home a comfortable, convenient, and welcoming place. That’s one reason you want to get your builder and your architect/designer on the same page early in the homebuilding process so that together they can create a home that matches your lifestyle and expectations.

Adapted and updated from the original October 15, 2016, post

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