Downtown San Antonio: Modern Penthouse Project

We are very excited to have completed work on the penthouse project. This project was for a previous client that had purchased an empty space on the top floor of a downtown mid-rise building. Even though the space was empty they still had to work with the shape of the unit and some existing plumbing lines that were installed on the floor below that could not be moved. The interior style is distinctly modern. It was a huge challenge getting all the materials necessary to complete the build up an elevator in a fully occupied building. The final result turned out fantastic.

Boyer Custom Homes

We have been building custom homes in the Boerne area since 1983. We are committed to building unique custom homes that are tailored to the client’s lifestyle, to guide them through the process in a unique and helpful way, and to commit our company to the constant improvement of product design, construction processes, and the customer experience.  Our dedication to all aspects of product and customer experience is what sets us apart from the bewildering array of builders to choose from in our market.

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