News You Can Use from the NAHB International Builders Show in Planning Your TX Hill Country Luxury Custom Home

Homeowners and homebuilders have a tendency to look in two directions at once. We keep an eye on the past to observe classic trends in homebuilding that have staying power and lasting value, but we also keep our eyes on the future to take advantage of new developments and technologies that will make the homes we build and live in more comfortable and enjoyable.

The NAHB International Builders’ Show® is the largest annual light construction show in the world—attracting some 50,000 visitors annually from more than 100 countries. There is always a focus on what’s new in the industry—new developments that are innovative, functional, reflect great design, and simply make homes more comfortable and convenient places to live.

This year’s show offered some new ideas and products that continue to move new homes in that direction. Here are a few of the product highlights from 2018 as you consider the elements you may want to include in your Hill Country custom luxury home.


The Briolette glass sink displays a uniquely faceted shape inspired by the precisely cut surfaces of precious stone. Gently curved walls highlight the natural textural qualities of glass and create a striking reflective effect. This sink sits on top of the counter as a brilliant addition to your bath or powder room.



Pendant lighting has been an emerging trend in the last few months and is expected to continue on through 2018. The Fresnel one-light LED pendant has an antique-inspired Fresnel glass lens, industrial roots in form and function. One nice thing about this pendant for kitchen use is that it is dimmable to 10 percent—making it a great looking and versatile fixture.



As the lines blur between indoor and outdoor living, increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing retractable screens for when the sunlight is just a bit too intense. North America’s leading provider of retractable screens, Phantom Screens® offers insect protection, solar shading, temperature control and enhanced privacy for doorways, windows, and large openings such as patios, verandas, and lanais. Phantom retractable screens are designed to pull into place when required and retract out-of-sight when not in use.


Lighting is always critical in the master bathroom. Here’s an idea that takes bathroom lighting in a slightly different direction—with lighting built into the cabinet mirror. KOHLER Verdera lighted wall mirrors deliver optimally bright, even, and shadowless bathroom lighting that is exceptionally close to natural light. Pivoting side panels let you direct light exactly where you need it, making daily grooming tasks easier than ever.

Here’s a bit of a bonus. As part of the 2018 show, NAHB documented the building of what they have called The New American Home® 2018. They recorded the building process as this home (in Florida) went through each stage of the construction process. Click here to see the evolution of the home as construction moved through the various stages. In addition to picking up some great ideas for your own Hill Country home, you’ll develop an understanding of the process of building a new luxury custom home.

To ensure the best outcome when planning your new home it’s important to do more than keep abreast of the latest trends. So much of the critical work happens long before you chose finishes and fixtures. Planning the basic design of your home is absolutely essential in order to end up with a home you’ll love for years to come.  Here’s a helpful post that highlights why it’s so important to involve your building in the planning process as early as possible!

Adapted and updated from the original post dated March 7, 2016.

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