More of a Good Thing: Making the Hill Country Home You Love Even Better

The Texas Hill Country is a great place to live. You’re surrounded by natural beauty. And there are fantastic hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. So what can you do if you have a home in the Hill Country that you already love—but you find you want some added features, comforts, or space? What can you do to get more of a good thing?


Moving isn’t your only option—particularly if you really feel at home where you are.  I’d like to give you a look at one of our homes that was built about 10 years ago.  And while our clients loved the house when they purchased it, over a period of time they found they wanted some features that hadn’t been built into the home initially. Instead of moving, they remodeled and added an addition.  Here’s a look at some of what they asked us to do.”

Inside and Outside
Not only did these homeowners want to add living space inside the house, they wanted to change the outside as well. They had us completely re-do the backyard and add a beautiful infinity edge pool. We also created new eating areas and a fire pit for them and put in play areas for the kids.

Specialty Rooms
This client wanted to add some specialty rooms to their home. One special room that they had in mind was a game room—which isn’t all that uncommon. Lots of families like having a room where they can go with the kids or with friends to play and blow off steam. We were happy to help with that. But hunting was also an important part of their lifestyle, and they wanted a trophy room as a reminder of some of their many hunting trips. So we created the trophy room with a fireplace and balcony that provides a great view of the surrounding Hill Country.

Special Touches
Sometimes what you want is not just more room or comfort, but a special touch. That’s why they asked us to add a beautiful spiral staircase from the trophy room to the loft area. It’s not something you see every day and it adds a unique touch to this already special home.

Special Space
Not only did these homeowners want more space—they wanted special space. They asked us to remodel the Master Bedroom and include a seating area with a built-in fireplace (and they wanted a great view from the seating area as well).

In addition to what you see here, we also added a 3-car garage, a home office, a media room, and a full mother-in-law suite that included a full kitchen. Click here to take a closer look at these images and to see some additional photos of work done on the home.

If you love the home you’re in—and really don’t want to leave it—you can make it a place you’ll love even more. Even if you just have rough ideas of what you want (and aren’t sure how to make them happen), talk to us and take advantage of our experience and knowledge so that you end up with more of a good thing when it comes to upgrading and improving your Hill Country home!

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