Is There a Texas Hill Country Style?

Style is important when you’re building a luxury custom home in the Texas Hill Country. And a significant part of style for many homeowners is making sure that the home they are building looks like it belongs where it’s built. It’s easy to see a regional influence in some areas of the country. In New England, there’s a predominance of Cape Cod style homes. Custom homes in parts of Florida (especially Miami) often reflect an Art Deco look. In certain New York neighborhoods, anything but a Brownstown building looks out of place. But what about homes in Texas—particularly the Hill Country of Texas? Is there a “Texas Hill Country” style?


You could argue that the geography of the area itself helps define the style of homes that are built here. National Geographic once described it in the following way:

Texas’s famed hill country is a bucolic, rumpled terrain marked by wooded canyons cut by spring-fed rivers. It’s also laced with endless miles of appealing two-lane blacktop . . .


Add rugged outcroppings of limestone and granite, beautiful rolling hills, sparkling rivers, a bold display of bluebonnets every spring, and wide vistas, and you have a pretty distinctive backdrop against which to build a beautiful home. And of course, history has also brought Southern, Spanish, and German influences to the region that impact the area’s culinary and architectural flavor.


There are more current influences at play here as well. Over the last several years the Hill Country has become the center of the Texas wine industry. That’s something that has influenced the design in a number of Hill Country homes such as the wine cellar you see pictured here in one of the Boerne custom homes we recently built (click here for a look at the style of the rest of this beautiful home).


While all of those elements work together to create the architectural style and feel of the Hill Country, there’s also something about the character of the people who live here that shapes the way things look. The people of the Texas Hill Country are known for their independent spirit and their cultural diversity. That independence is reflected in the fact that no two custom homes in the Hill Country are identical.


It’s a bit of a conundrum that one of the unifying characteristics of Hill Country homes is their distinctiveness. If you take a quick look at some of the custom homes we’ve built in the area, you’ll see traces of all those elements (Southern, Southwestern, German, Spanish, ruggedness, openness, etc.). But you’ll also see an incredible diversity of individual style. You’ll find Tuscan influences, Mediterranean styling, Country French style, and even very modern styles (such as you can see in this San Antonio penthouse we worked on).


That’s the true beauty of a custom-built luxury home in the Texas Hill Country. Custom means expressing your personality and lifestyle in a way that makes you, your family, and your guests comfortable in your own unique way.


And that, we believe, is what true Texas Hill Country style is all about! It’s individuality that is tastefully and expertly expressed in such a way that it fits the lifestyle of the family living there—and looks right at home in our beautiful Hill Country surroundings!


Adapted and updated from the original September 1, 2015, post

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