Flooring For Your Texas Hill Country Luxury Home

If you are considering building a luxury home in the Texas Hill Country you’re probably not planning to build a home that looks like every other house in the neighborhood. You want a home that has a character of its own—and reflects your own sense of style.


Obviously, that will influence your choice of both your architect and builder for your custom home. And if you’re wondering which one to choose first, here’s a post that delves into why we at Boyer Custom Homes suggest you get both your architect and builder involved early in the process.


That being said, creating a home with unique character involves more than just a unique floor plan. The materials you choose for the different features in your home are important as well. And one of the key features in your home has to be your flooring. Once again, you’re probably not going to install “builder grade” flooring in a luxury home. So what are some of your options?


Designer or Mosaic Ceramic Tiles: If you’re looking for flooring that will make a statement, you may want to consider mosaics or designer tile. You’ll find lots of options, including antique reclaimed tiles, glass tiles, pebble mosaics, designer Italian tiles, or even custom-designed mosaics.


Travertine Tiles: Travertine is a beautiful natural stone that comes from quarries around the world. This durable, high-quality limestone comes from mineral deposits found in hot springs and limestone caves. It looks right at home in a luxury Hill Country home. The image you see at the top is from a traditional Hill Country ranch house we built a few years ago in Boerne. Click here to take a look at the rest of the house—and to see the combination of stone, tile, and wood throughout the home.


Natural Stone Flooring: Marble is one of the more popular (and frankly, more expensive) natural stone flooring. Its elegance is unsurpassed. If you’re aiming for a more rustic (but refined) look, marble may be a bit too elegant. It depends on your taste, but you’ll want to keep the big picture in mind.


Reclaimed Hardwood: Reclaimed building products have become increasingly popular. If you’re after character, reclaimed hardwood flooring has it in spades. It’s almost as if the floorboards have a story to tell. Beyond that, it’s nice knowing that you’ve selected a material that’s ecologically friendly.


Exotic Hardwood: If you really want something different, you might want to consider a material that’s not from around the area. You could choose Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Mahogany, Brazilian Walnut, or Australian Cypress. Each has its own unique qualities and characteristics. Most exotic hardwoods are best defined—not from the country of origin—but from their most impressive characteristics, such as hardness, vibrant color, rich grains, or contrasting colors.


The beauty of building a custom luxury home is that you get to select what reflects your taste and individual sense of style. Plus, you can tap into your builder’s network of suppliers and experts when choosing materials.

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