Does Building a Custom Home in Boerne Mean You Can Break All the Rules?

People build custom luxury homes in the Texas Hill Country for a very good reason: They want homes that are a unique reflection of their particular personalities and lifestyles. That uniqueness shows up in everything from their choice of lots, to their individualized floor plans, to the materials that they use in creating their homes. They start with a blank slate. But does building a custom home in Boerne mean you can break all the rules?


If you want lots of privacy, for instance, does that mean you can build your home in the middle of a small lake like the home you see above? And even if you can do something like that, does it mean you should?


At Boyer Custom Homes, we’ve built a lot of beautifully unique custom luxury homes in Boerne and in other areas in the Texas Hill Country. It’s probably safe to say that none of them are exactly the same. Click here to see some of the unique characteristics of the homes we’ve built in the area. The individuality you’ll see in these images is what building a custom luxury home in the Hill Country is all about. But just because a home is unique doesn’t mean you can break all of the rules when it comes to design or materials. There are certain conventions of design and building that govern how homes are built. And there are also building codes by which builders have to abide in order to ensure the homeowners’ safety.


That doesn’t mean you have to settle for a cookie-cutter home that looks like all of your neighbors’ houses. There are plenty of ways to add your own personal touch to your custom home, but it’s important that you work with your builder and architect or designer to make sure that the elements you want to build into your home work together, are safe and that they meet building codes. It’s OK if you have unique or unusual ideas—just make sure you involve your builder and your designer early in the process so they can figure out ways to make your ideas work.


Unique touches are part of what makes custom Texas Hill Country homes so special. If you want a home with lots of character, you’ll only find that in a custom home. By the same token, that personalization is one reason the custom homebuilding process is different. That’s why it can take a little longer to build a custom home, and your involvement in the process will be different than someone who simply takes the plans and materials that conventional builders offer.


We love working with homeowners to build those elements into their homes. We also want to make sure they understand the process so that they know what conventions they can ignore—and which rules they need to pay attention to. That’s why we offer resources such as our free Building a House, Creating a Home eBook that you can download here. It’s packed with information that will help you get the most out of your custom Hill Country home!


Adapted and updated from the original May 5, 201, post


Photo by Kees Streefkerk on Unsplash

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