Compelling Reasons for Building a Luxury Home in the Texas Hill Country

What makes building in the Texas Hill Country such a good idea? Keller Williams Realty in San Antonio recently mentioned a few key reasons why the Hill Country is such a desirable area. You can check out their report here, but here are some factors that they highlighted:


The Thriving Economy and Job Market: According to the Commerce Department, the state of Texas was recently named the country’s second fastest growing economy. The San Antonio area, in particular, has emerged as a frontrunner, including the Hill Country.


Low Property Taxes: The Texas Hill Country offers some of the lowest property taxes in the country! Purchasing a home in this area not only pays off in the short run but continues to do so year-after-year.


Low Cost of Living: Some may be surprised to know that Texas is actually known for its reasonable cost of living. The Hill Country, in particular, is known for its combination of affordability and quality. A lower cost of living saves you money in the long run.


Wide Open Spaces: The simple fact is that in the Texas Hill Country you get more land and more house for your money. As exciting as metro areas such as Austin and San Antonio are, some people simply long for those “wide open spaces” that many of us associate with the Lone Star State. The area around Boerne gives you the opportunity to enjoy the views, the peacefulness and the solitude of that kind of environment. And the good news is that all of the advantages of the city are still within easy reach. Boerne provides modern amenities and culture while still retaining the character and integrity of an authentic Hill Country town. It’s a unique combination of attractive urban amenities and small-town charm.


Space is important. Frankly, if you have your heart set on a true custom home—one that reflects your family’s unique personality—it’s hard to find space to do that within a major metropolitan area. Your options for choosing just the right parcel of property are pretty limited inside city limits.


A custom home in the Hill Country allows you to create a place that reflects your personality – and also the character and feel of the land around you – rather than just another house on the block in an established neighborhood.


You may have noticed that homes in housing developments tend to look a lot alike. Sure, there may be small differences in appearance, but there are a lot more similarities than differences. That’s somewhat understandable when homes are situated in relatively close proximity to one another. That’s not an issue in a place where you can spread out more. As an example, compare the vastly varied styles of these two Hill Country homes—one a Hill Country ranch house and the other a decidedly Tuscan-influenced home.

If space, tranquility and the ability to build the style of home that reflects your personality and lifestyle is important to you when building a custom home, taking a look outside the city limits and into the Hill Country is a great idea.


Adapted and updated from the original March 19, 2016, post.

Photo by Roberta Guillen on Unsplash


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