To an Uncommon Experience

We believe that the custom home building process starts months prior to the beginning of construction. Our team of employees, subcontractors, and vendors are brought into the project from its initial conception, contributing to the design to ensure it is not only beautiful, but maximizing the value and practicality of the design. During this design phase time is spent educating the client on all aspects of design and construction, discussing material choices and construction processes, defining expectations, and clarifying specifications and selections to ensure a smooth construction process. We are involved throughout the entire process to provide guidance for our clients on everything from selecting a lot, to maintaining their home. When we are ready to start construction, we will have made all the decisions together that will be necessary to provide a more enjoyable experience, and ultimately, a product that is in touch with the needs and desires of our clients. An example of how well this process works was brought forth in 2004 when Boyer Custom Homes won two Summit Awards for design on both houses that we entered.

To Relationships

We believe in a beneficial and pleasant relationship with our clients, employees, and trade partners. This team works together toward a common goal of delivering a product and experience to our client that is uncommon in our industry. We prefer the human scale to the corporate, spending time with our clients to better understand their individual needs rather than cramming homogenized design trends or products on to a piece of land. Service after the sale is as much a priority in our company culture as getting the job in the first place. We consider the good opinion that our former clients have of us to be a testament of the high quality of workmanship that potential clients can expect from us. After a home has been completed and our clients have experienced our process, their happiness with all aspects of the homebuilding process is the ultimate report card. The fact that we are invited to spend holidays, dinners, and family gatherings with many of our clients gives us confirmation that our commitment to their satisfaction is worth every effort.

To Our Community

We pride ourselves in being good neighbors in all the communities that we build in, ensuring that the integrity of the neighborhood remains intact. We maintain clean and safe job sites that are not a visual nuisance to the homeowners in the neighborhoods we build in. We provide stabilized entrances to our job sites to keep streets clean, so both our customers and our company can be proud of what we represent to the communities that we build in.

To the Environment

We aid in the design, construction detailing, and implementation of energy efficient and water conscious homes. Our definition of commitment includes an awareness for building homes and working with processes that have less of an impact on the environment. We evaluate the impact the raw materials we use have on the environment, invest in educating ourselves on innovative technologies and building practices, and use subcontractors that contribute toward building enduring structures instead of temporary housing. Our clients’ homes are built on some of the most beautiful land that is available in North-West, North-Central, and North-East areas in and outside of San Antonio. Our goal is to make less of an impact on the fragile and beautiful environment that we all call home.